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8700M GT SLI performance issue

Guest Blackjackk

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Guest Blackjackk

I am having a rough time with these 8700M GT's. I have probably tried over 30 different drivers from laptop2go.com and even the stock driver that came with my laptop and I still cannot fix this issue. I have recently been playing CounterStrike- Source and in SLI mode, I see shadows flickering on dead bodies and unstable stuttery performance when I move around. When SLI is turned off, I get none of these problems and the game runs like a charm but with a lower framerate. In SLI mode I have even tried to turn down my video settings to low and lower the resolution to the lowest it goes and I still get the same problem. It is not only Counterstrike Source that has this problem. Crysis, Age of Conan, and World of Warcraft have some sort of different issue with SLI. First off in Crysis, I turn on SLI and I see absolutely no increase in framerate and the game runs like trash with unstable performance on low settings. With SLI is off, the game again runs smooth and is playable on around medium and low. In Age of Conan, its pretty much the same problem. In World of Warcraft, the game wont even allow me to play in SLI without crashing. When the game crashes, I cannot terminate the program, access the nvidia control panel, and access my task manager because if I try to, my whole computer freezes and I have no other choice but to restart the computer manually. When I run World of Warcraft without SLI, the game runs perfectly fine without any crashes. I have been having issues with SLI from day one for about 6 months now and it seems like my $400 went to waste for buying the second GPU. I have gotten in contact with Vigor Gaming (The people I bought my laptop from) about this issue and told me to ship the laptop to them so they could figure the problem out. I got the laptop back reporting that nTune was the problem and they removed it from my system. Other than that, they could not find anything else wrong. I have never actually used nTune though to overclock my video cards so apparently that was not the fix to this issue. I have considered upgrading the BIOS on my 8700M's but I really dont know how to. Please someone help me out!

Here are my system specs if you need them:

Model: Clevo D900C

OS: Windows Vista 32-bit Home Basic SP1 ( I have tried XP SP3 and I found no difference in performance)

Intel Core 2 Duo E6850 3.00Ghz

2GB Kingston RAM DDR2 PC2-6400 (FSB:DRAM 5:6 ratio)

Intel P965 motherboard SLI compatability

8700M GT x2 SLI 512MB each (stock driver currently 156.76) PCI-Express x16

tell me if you need more info

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Guest Helpful_Harry

Dell Vostro 1500 (laptop)

T7500 2.2 GHz

2GB ram

Geforce 8600m GT

i know the 169.21 is for desktop but it still works for laptops and i have not had any problems

i went to nvidia site and downloaded driver 169.21 (make sure to dl the right ver 32 or 64) Extracted the files the clicked to do the setup and it failed (which is ok) then went to device manager and display adapters and found my Geforce 8600m GT and right clicked and picked Update Drivers ... Pick No, not this time - Next ... Install from a list or specific location (advanced) - Next.... Don't search, I will choose the driver to install - Next... click Have Disk ... Browse to where you extracted the 169.21 drivers... pick the nv4_disp.inf and click open...then click OK ...i then searched for the first NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT (it will not have an "m" after 8600, thats ok) it will then pop up a message saying it isn't recommended to install this driver blah blah blah Click YES and let it finish, your screen will look large but do a reboot and you should be good to go.

for Age of Conan i was getting about 17 fps now i get about 30 - 40 fps avg i play on low settings and disable a few option and it still looks good (well enough for me) i did notice that every once in a great great while it will pause for a second or 2 but very very rarley. fixed my problem and i am very happy.

Hope this helps

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Guest Blackjackk

I have actually already tried that driver but I recently stumbled over the 174.93 driver on laptop2go and it got rid of the blinking shadows on CS:S and it seems that WoW is not crashing anymore. However, certain areas and maps in CS:S are very skippy. I pulled up the fps reading in game on CS:S and it read around 50-60 fps but still the frames were skippy. This normally happens in big maps and most maps that have HDR enabled but still, 60 fps is 60 fps and I expect the game to run smooth at that framerate. In WoW, its almost the same problem but its not as bad running at about 70 fps max. Is there any fix for the stutters?

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  • 5 months later...

*************FOR XP USERS***********

I solved it all?.

I bought my laptop in febuary 2008..

Since then I wase able to play any games that I throw at it, with a driver that I found on Laptopvideo2go.com

But 2 month ago, my XPS died of a heat stroke?mobo fried and the cpu fan to?.((( I'm a real gamer to that thing, but it suppose to deliver extra performance.

Send the pc to dell, and they return it to me 4 days after my sending.

Good service do.

When it came back, I install the ghost from the HDD, and install the new Nvidia driver 175.32 from the site.

OH BOY!!!! What a lag?.any game that I try was choppy and ugly?.so I began to tweak the machine, install around 30 drivers from Laptopvideo2go and so on?..after 2 weeks of sweating on this ting (( like if i had nothing else to do))

I solved it all?.here is what I've done

****First, don't use the ghost image on your hard drive for installing windows on your new Laptop. (( that ghost is full of bugs and scrapwar install in it, dell put to much stuff that are not necessary in general. And it makes some conflicts with hardware)))***

- So, I install Windows from the cd that came with your brand new machine. = FRESH INSTALL FROM CD.

- Reboot

- Install chipset from dell site

- Reboot

- Install audio driver from dell site

- Reboot

- Install the last video driver from Nvidia: 175.32 whql

- Reboot

- Install Call Of Duty 4

- Reboot

- Test the game in 1600x1200 in aspect ratio of 16:9, Dual video card enable and the rest at maximum settings.

- *****wow, never seen the game so byutifle and fluid, no lag = PERFECT for the first time since january*****

- Install Nostromo game pad + Raser Lachesis mouse driver

- Reboot

- Test again COD4 = perfect no change

- Make a restore point

- Install Dell Quickset from Dell site

- Install Dell LCD monitor from Dell site

- Install Lan from Dell Site

- Reboot and test againe = perfect

- Made a Restore point

- Install Ageia Physx

- Reboot

- Test againe = perfect?..

So, to have a real XPS laptop without any graphic problem, you have to make a fresh install from cd, when your machine is built up, use Norton ghost to make a real ghost that you will put on a cd or on an other HDD.

Hopping it will help you run your XPS laptop like Hell?

Spamer : French Canadian dude.

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