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Need Acer 8400MGS or 8400MGT Bios rom! Please!


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Hey guys hopefully this is the right thread for this! if it isn't I am sorry!?! :)

I am looking to get the most out of my 8400M card, until I can save to get myself a 8600M GT.

Anywho I was hoping someone else that might have a 8400M GS/GT could save their

bios to a rom file for me with nibitor. I know i am asking alot. but any help would be of

great help to me. I am so tired of the stuttering in my games. as this was the

most bang for my buck I could get at the time. So again anyone with and 8400M GS/GT

with an acer bios on it, could dump their bios to a rom file. your would be a huge help!!! thx!!!! :)

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because i have soft modded the card with riviatuner. to ru as both those cards and the all run with the same g86 core. my temp didnt even got up. so i want to flash it to the higher card for those reasons. and to squeeze a bit more out of my card. besides the diff. between all tyhe diff. cards speeds isnt really by much.

Why would you want the bios of an GS or a GT if you own an 8400m?

You'll probably end up burning the card because GS and GT have higher clocks

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You sure thats wise? As from memory, i'm sure there are only a few cards you can flash to a higher card, for example the 7900GS to a 7900GTX. Most other cards will not work, you will then need to blind flash them back. Soft modding may work, but a bios flash will most likely NOT work.

If you want to increase your clock rates, just flash YOUR OWN BIOS, with the increased clock rates.

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