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8400M GS Driver Issues

Guest doubleblack

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Guest doubleblack

Hello All,

First off, I've been using this site for years and absolutely love it. But I have a little issue, that I seem to not be able to get rid of. I have a Dell Inspiron 1420 with a 8400M GS inside of it that's refusing to do PowerMizer right. I've been using 17*.** driver series lately, hoping the newer versions would fix it - but it doesn't :)

So then I was thinking, screw this - and went back to older versions like 167.55 that have confirmed PowerMizer working...but still no. No matter what version I try, I DO NOT get PowerMizer working properly. What happens is, SmartDimmer dims the display after the set period of time - but then when I move the mouse or press a key or something, it doesn't go back to original setting. This is REALLY annoying, and I really would like to get this fixed. I've tried Driver Sweeper 1.5 and this method everytime:


Also, while I have everyone's attention, is there anyway I can clean this out? I have like 15 different things in here, and I want to get rid of them!

Thanks :)

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First, as for the PowerMizer problem, are you talking about PowerMizer or SmartDimmer? PowerMizer slows the GPU to save power. SmartDimmer, as you know, is completely different. If you want to clean up that list of drivers, then use DriverSweeper and sweep for Nvidia drivers. This might also help with your other problem, so I would definitely do it.

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Guest doubleblack

Sorry this is WAY overdue, I kinda forgot about this topic :)

But anyway, I've been using 163.69 lately and that's been working alright for me. I'm not 100% sure about Powermizer, but Smartdimmer is working at least. Although I'd like to use a newer version, one with better Vista performance, and especially one with better battery life. But anyway, I'm scared to try anything else because I think I'm gonna screw up what I have going, but I do know I can have better performance AND battery life than what I have now, it's not the best.

And I have tried DriverSweeper numerous times, but the list is still there...does anyone have any words of magical wisdom?!?

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