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Here is another little application I found handy. I've always wanted some of those features to be built in to Windows.

Copy Handler

Copy Handler program is a small tool designed for copy/move files and folders between different storage medias (hard disks, floppy disks, local networks, CD-ROMs and many other).

Advantages of the program:

  • copying data at rates up to 6-7 times faster than standard MS Windows copying (when copying data from one partiton to another on the same physical hard disk);
  • allow full-control over the copying/moving process by pause, resume, restart and cancel features;
  • fully customizable - over 60 detailed options - from setting language (multiple languages) through auto-resume on error, shutting down system after copying
  • finished to very detailed and technical (customizing copy/move thread - buffer sizes, thread priority, ...) ending on sounds on specific events;
  • multiple languages support - and more may appear, since the translation process is quite easy;
  • provides detailed informations about copy/move process (currect file, buffer sizes, priority, progress by size and visual bar, status, current and average speed, time elapsed/left, ...);
  • can automatically resume all unfinished operations when system starts;
  • limiting count of simultaneously processing tasks (copyings/movings) - tasks are set into a queue and are processed in order it was inserted into queue;
  • integration with system - adds additional commands to context menus of folders and drag&drop menus;
  • this program is open source - just download and use...



Copy Handler website: Here

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Great find! CopyHandler looks promising. Will give it try.

I used TeraCopy for a while (in XP) and actually wanted to buy it. It's the same kind of copy tool, but less detailed:


I liked that it does a CRC check after copying. Hope CopyHandler has an option for this. Also it integrated in TotalCommander :)

I#m not sure if CopyHandler or TeraCopy work in Vista x64?

//edit: at least CopyHandler works in Vista x64 since march 2008. From the changelog:

Added native support for 64bit Window systems (with shell extension).
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Copyhandler works fine with x64 Vista :)

Not sure it actually meets the copy performance claims.

Looks to be the same as normal.

Will be good to transfer the drivers around and make sure crc stays good.

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