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Linux: anyone else here using it?


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I use Gentoo Linux and Win 7. Both at 64bits :)

Gentoo can be a small pain in arse in the beginning, but definitively worthwhile using on the long run ^^


- Every program is compiled on your computer (it takes a long of time to install some stuff).

- Not easy to use at the beginning.


- Every program is compiled on your computer (every program is ajusted like a glove to your pc, making them faster)

- No new version every 6 months (its a rolling distributuion)

- SUPER stable. I use it about 6 months now, and never had a crash.

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DVH reports that Nvidia has removed additional drivers related to an overheat bug that plagued the GeForce 196.75 WHQL drivers last week. The new quarantined drivers are for Linux, FreeBSD, and Solaris, however this time the problem affects two sets rather than just one.

According to the site, users with 195.36.03 and 195.36.08 *nix drivers installed on their system should downgrade to driver versions 190.53 or 195.30 public beta. As of Friday, Nvidia was still looking into the overheating issue, however the only resolution the company could provide was to downgrade the drivers.


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Tried Ubuntu 10.10, Mint 10, some LXDE but too simply for me, Kubuntu, openSUSE KDE and Chakra 0.3

Ubuntu is fine as Mint 10 as both have pros and cont when you compare each and now I use Ubuntu. With KDE I think that current Kubuntu 10.10 is a big improvement to last carnations and that in future Chakra will make the difference. It looks like Windows 8 with its "Wind" engine will be a copy to KDE 4.5/4.6 version.

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Currently I'm using Debian, Ubuntu, Kubuntu, CentOS, and SuSE.

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