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My GPUs always run at pull power even when idling (help!) :)

Guest cebalrai

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Guest cebalrai

I have a GeForce 8800GTX w/SLI rig...

For some reason though the GPUs are staying at full memory and core speed. And the GPUs idle at 70 degrees and the fan stays at 100%...

I'm using the 175.80 driver and when I switched to 174.74 and 174.31 there was no change. Yes, I did use driver sweeper, etc.

Also, when I disable SLI, the gpu core clock drops to 200 mhz and the memory clock to 100 mhz. The temp goes down to 55-ish degrees.

I'm using GPU-Z 0.2.4 to monitor temps and hardware speed btw. NV Monitor confirms that the cards are running at max power...

Do any of you guys know why this is? Any suggestions about how to fix it? :)


Dell XPS 1730 laptop

Core 2 Duo Extreme @ 2.8GHz

Dual GeForce 8800GTX w/SLi


Ageia physics chip

17" monitor

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I also have this issue using a toshiba with Sli, tho i have the 8600M GT. I think maybe it is an issue with Sli since, like you, powermizer works just fine with Sli disabled. Kinda makes sense as Sli is supposed to be for high performance. But it is also a pain in the keister to have to enable/disable it for games...

No driver I have tried has been any different in supporting powermizer, tried most of the 174, 175, and 177 drivers.

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