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Hello all, i'm new of the forum, and new to the notebook's world.

If upgrading drivers of my GeForce 8600gts is easy as drinking water, with my first notebook i'm in big trouble.

I have ASUS g2sg with core duo 2,5 - 4 gigs of ram - GeForce 8700m GT with 512 mb.

It come with december 2007 drivers, and no update drivers can be forum on ASUS site.

Some friends of mine told me this site can provide me with the best solution upgrading my graphic card drivers, but i'm not familiar with the "info" stuff and so on.

Can someone suggest me some newer driver i can install (and how) to improve the performance of my notebook?

I know games will never be fast and smooth as i wish due to the fact the native resolution of the screen is 1900x1200, but maybe some fresh driver can be handy to improve the framerate a bit!

P.S. Sorry for my English but it's not my native language..i did best i can and i hope u undersatnd at last the pourpose of this post!

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I would recommend trying either 175.16 or 177.35. For instructions on how to install it, just read the Quickstart Guide.

I've read the quickstart guide.

I pretty understand why u have to replace the info file.

But for the drivers u suggest me i did not succeded in finding them on the site.

The last entry on the download list is 169.09 with the inf download attached.

I can download the drivers u wrote even from the invidia site, but i dunno where to find the proper inf file for them.

If i mistake the instructions, and the modded file is always the same for any drivers out now or about to come, pls just explain it to me, before i made something wrong!

Thnx in advance!

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Guest Guest

You can find them in the forums 17x.xx series thread. I never understood why the "latest drivers" box on the main page never changes.

goto laptopvideo2go home page / click community forum link (near top of page) / then 17x.xx series thread

all other drivers (example: 175.xx 167.xx) are in the archived drivers thread

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Guest Guest

"all other drivers (example: 175.xx 167.xx) are in the archived drivers thread"

sorry.. ignore the 175.xx part of that.. it should be 165.xx 167.xx but I'm sure you would have sorted that out.

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Yes, the drivers on the download page are incredibly old... I don't know why this occurs but I think it will be fixed soon.

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Tnx a lot everyone.

It seems everything goes fine.

Downloaded the 175.16 from Nvidia official site.

I had the "warning" message, then i changed the inf file with the proper one on the forum and it installed everything asking to restart.

I tried the 3 games i have on my notebook (Call of Duty 4, EVE Oline and Trackmania Nations United) and everyone goes fine!

Only issue (don't even know if it's an issue) is that under "display/properties" the driver version listed is not the updated one (it list the same old driver as before).

P.S. Without your explanation and the hints about the proper forum thread, i guess i never found the right drivers and related modded inf file!


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