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NVIDIA's PhysX: Performance and Status Report


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PhysX is getting a lot of attention right now, but the reasons vary wildly. Since we haven't taken a look at the technology in a while, this article's goal is to see where things stand. We'll also be taking an in-depth look at GPU PhysX performance, using both 3DMark Vantage and UT III.

Techgage has written a few words on this subject which can be found here

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Nvidia to bring WHQL-certified PhysX drivers on August 5th



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Guest Hannes The Hun

As of today, guru3D.com has a big review of the so-called "nvidia PhysX Pack" that will hit the streets on August 12th, coming tuesday.

"nVIDIA PhysX Pack #1

* Full version of Warmonger

* Full version of UT III PhysX Mod Pack (Includes three PhysX-specific levels)

* Latest Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 patch (1.05)

* First peek at Nurien, an upcoming social networking service, based on UE III

* First peek at Metal Knight Zero, an upcoming PhysX-capable title

* "The Great Kulu" technology demo

* "Fluid" technology demo

Obviously at that date the release of GeForce Forceware 177.79 drivers and the new PhysX drivers 8.07.18 is pending as well."

So there you have it: the Forceware 177.79 together with the newest PhysX driver will be officially released on August 12th 2008. This combo (with a modded .inf) is working great on my XPS M1530 (8600GT) and I'm really looking forward to the demo stuff in the PhysX pack.


a VERY interesting article by the way


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The most informative review so far was released already 2 days ago over at the professionals from Computerbase.de ( http://www.computerbase.de/artikel/hardwar...hysx_ueberblick ). It's in german though :) It covers everything about CUDA, PhysX and GPGPU with the right amount of technical details.

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