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Right so

Here are my 3dmark06 scores... whats the deal with this.

stock (167.43) 8897 (This was the driver that came pre-installed by Sager)

stock (175.75) 8599

stock (177.39) 8625

stock (177.41) 8627

Why is it, the oldest driver has the best score? Isnt there a newer driver that should perform better in 3dmark i mean comon... my 3dmark FPS are dropping so I assume my ingame FPS will drop as well. Not to mention these scores are real low for my system specs me thinks.

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3Dmark'06 is great to test cards... But each game is different.

I used to use 175.16 as my 3dmark scores were really good.. but playing asassins creed was pretty aaaaaverage, and companay of heroes just plain sucked. 174.74 was way better for games (for my system)

So, forget about the score, check the drivers with games. You may find that the stock driver has a higher score, but other drivers get better FPS in games.

try it out.

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hi grand hero i have the same latop as you.

and i can definitely say you shouldnt judge the drivers purely on 3d mark.

i remember i was struggling in crysis with 167.44

when i updated to 174.31 it was a massive framerate boost.

i mean you cant play 3d mark like a game so why bother about the scores?

unless you like to say i got a 'higher 3d mark' than you person?

its all about the REAL games. :)

i had the same 'problem' as you but the real games performed well and looked a hell of a lot better than the 167.44 drivers.

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