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problems with F.E.A.R.

Guest AL

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i recently installed FEAR directors cut in my XPS m1530, the problem is when i try to play, it wont rut at all, it just display the message "FEAR.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close." i 've tried unistalling it several times but nothing...

I've been reading in other post that a driver update worked for some guy, i tried that but it didn't worked, i got the nVidia GeForce 8600M GT with the driver 174.31 that i downloaded from here, anyone has an idea or suggestion? i really want to play this...

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What OS are you running? Also, did you use Driver Sweeper before you updated the driver? This can sometimes cause game crashes.

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does this problem only happen on fear?

also you could try to download and update fear to the latest version.

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This is the only game I've ever installed in my laptop, so, there's not much to say, and yes i did updated and used the latest patch for it and worked just fine!

i wonder if it would work with the old driver i had (the OEM driver, i think it was the 153.??)

i also noticed something, when i finally started to play, after a few minutes, the fan just begun to blow like i never saw, but i think it just used its capacity like it never did('cause until this time i used the laptop just for school), with the RivaTunerTuner 2.09 i checked the GPU temperature and was like 80°C or so, is this normal? or it's the driver i got?

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