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Heya nVision,

So I was trying to update my current drivers, Packard Bell only has outdated drivers that are more than a half-year old.

The default INF file didnt work, neither could I find any model specific INF files on the forum. I tried the most recent version (177.41_vista64), and also some older version, no luck.

So I was wondering if anyone might have some suggestions what else I could try, I'm sort of desperate for new drivers because the ones I have installed now don't run for s***.

Thans in advance, and excuse my crappy english.

(ps; it's a M8600GS, and i'm running Vista 64bit)

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did you download the modified INF file?

1) You will need to download that as well as the driver. (on the same page)

2) Then overwrite the original inf file with the modified one.

then you can run setup.

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mmmkay... perhaps try 'have disk' install.. or try another driver.

177.26 should work... if not then we'll look at another option.

- Inserting your exact GFX card into the inf file.

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But .26 is a ASUS release, and I have a Packard Bell laptop? Don't think thats a smart thing to do.

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nar that wont matter. They are all nvidia drivers, its just that ASUS released it with support for their laptops GPU's. With the modified inf file it 'should' install fine.

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ok.. if the different driver does not work... try this last method before we get too complicated.

1) uninstall current driver, going back to 'standard vga adapter'

2) restart into safe mode.

3) run an application called 'driver sweeper', (download for free) clock on nvidia display driver, and sweep it clean

4) restart into normal mode. install driver.

5) restart


This cleans out any and all driver fragments, so you can essentially do a clean install of a driver.

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