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2 cards, 3 monitors, bad problems. Help?


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Well here's the setup (Desktop)

Operating system: WinXP SP2 32bit

Video Card One: GeForce 7800 GTX ( two dvi outputs)

Video Card Two: GeForce 6200 (one dvi and one vga)

I've got two monitors set up to the 7800, an HP 2408h and an old acer flatscreen.

Another old hyundai monitor is set up on the vga port of the 6200.

The problems (continuous after installing about 12 driffent drivers)

1.) Main problem: Every time I reset the computer, XP reverts to the in house vga drivers and says the installed drivers can't be used and were written for an old version or some such. If I reinstall the drivers it will boot up fine for one session, but when I reset again, the drivers reset again.

2.) Second problem: If I allow the Nvidia desktop manager or nwiz.exe to load, the computer becomes completely slow and unusable. only by removing them from the boot sequence do I get one usable session with tri monitor support (before a reset causes me to have to redo everything again.)

3.) This is just a sub question. The HP monitor only has hdmi or vga connections, no dv-i. Therefore I need to run an hdmi cable to an hdmi/dvi converter, then into the 7800. When I do that it can't detect the HDMI signal, so I have this nice monitor running off vga. (booo) I tested it with a dvd player and it reads the hdmi source then, but not when converting from dv-i to the computer.

Anyone have a clue on these? I would be very greatful. Thanks!

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