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Dell M1530 Bluetooth installl problem


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I have freshly installed my M1530, I cannot get my bluetooth to work

in the wireless radio program, it sais that its turned on, but there are no Bluetooth ikons where they should be so seems not to be installed.

I downloaded the software from dell, but it seems to hang on the first bit.

It says to press FN + F2 to turn on and off, and to wait while its being installed.

I waited and waited, but noting happened...

cancelled the installation and tried again... same issue.

Any ideas?

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Which operating system do you run?

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this might seem obvious... but have you switched on the bluetooth/ wireless on the right hand corner of the laptop? with not that turned on the driver will detect bluetooth, but not install any driver as there is not power to the device.

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Guest optimizer28


Well this is a common problem. You had probably bluetooth disabled before a windows format , so the new windows installation cannot see the bluetooth device. But Dell hase a fix for this. It's a patch which turns your bluetooth device ON , after that you can install youre preferred drivers. You can find the patch here http://support.dell.com/support/downloads/...p;fileid=213714

This should fix youre bluetooth problem.

Regards ,


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Anyone know why my x3 micro handsfree bluetooth doesn't connect with my xps m1530 laptop. It recognizes my x3, connects for 2 seconds and disconnect. My windows vista is asking for the bluetooth device drive. Anyone could help me with this ? tks!

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Guest neelima

In device manager window,1st check whether u hav an icon of bluetooth...if u dont hav....then u will definitly hav an unknown device option...right click on it...goto properties...check for online solution..(it directly access d internet,nd installs d related drivers...)...do it 4 all unknown devices in d sameway...i hav done in d same manner...nw....my BT is working perfectly.... :)

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