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Small but Annoying RivaTuner and Vista problems...

Guest Jeff

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Guest Jeff

Hey guys... decided to make a new post instead of posting it in the Q&A section for the 8600M GT video card thread. Anyway, 2 questions:

1) I just installed RivaTuner and am trying to overclock my video card to get more performance out of Age of Conan. EVERYTIME I start my laptop, it asks me to confirm that I want it to access my laptop. I don't mind it for other programs, but it's ridiculous for RivaTuner. Is there a way to stop Vista from asking it for this one program??

2) Everytime I re-start my laptop, the overclocked settings in RivaTuner go back to the default, and I have to go back to the OCing settings and put them back to what they were. Is this problem associated with Vista asking me if RivaTuner can access my laptop everytime? If not, how do I permanently save the settings in RivaTuner?

Thanks for the help.



Dell XPS M1530

Microsoft Vista 32-Bit

Intel Core 2 Duo 2.5GHz

4GB 667MHz Ram

256MB nVidia 8600M GT, 175.80 Driver with OCed RivaTuner

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Guest Jeff

BTW, I did some research on the Vista asking me for permission to access RivaTuner. Just a FYI though, I don't want to disable UAC, and the "Run Program as Administrator" still asks me for permission. Are there other suggestions?

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Other than disabling UAC, I do not think there is a way to stop it from asking you.

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