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Enabling Hybrid SLI


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ok I posted and registered here mainly for this.

I run a quadro nvs 140m video card on a dell d830 laptop under Vista home premium 32bit.

When I first installed vista [fresh format], I checked the power options and I saw a GPU setting that enabled me to switch between integrated graphics and my nvidia chip. Note that this was from a fresh vista install meaning NO GPU DRIVER. Windows detected it as an *svga video adapter* or something of that sort. After I installed my driver [laptopvideo2go v177.35], I checked power options again and well, it's not there anymore. Somehow installing the driver disabled the switching between integrated and discreet video.

How do I put it back on?

System info:

drivers installed now: 177.35

card bios: unknown [bought sometime september of last year [GPU Z detects it as an unknown, probably because I *tweaked* the inf driver file to detect my card as a geforce 8400gs instead of a normal quadro nvs 140m].

drivers used before: dell supplied drivers and all other drivers from dell since september onwards. I just recently switched to laptopvideo2go's drivers.

additional info: I dunno what I was doing but I had this enabled before and I found that out when I switched power options [adjusting stuff] then I saw GPU settings and I tried the whole power saving thing via the integrated chip. Turns out that it doesn't heat up as much which makes me last a bit longer when gaming.

After that I reformatted windows and looked at power options, hybrid SLI options were gone. Note that I used the same exact drivers for that particular reformat.

notes I was using Windows vista ultimate the whole time but how I switched to home premium[this is the reason I reformatted again]


vista 1 - ultimate - hybrid sli enabled [dunno how]

vista 2 - ultimate - hybrid sli disabled [couldn't enable]

vista 3 - home premium - hybrid sli enabled only on fresh format - disabled after installing GPU drivers

Any kind of feedback on this will be greatly appreciated and if it helps, I never tweaked my GPU's bios at all.

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If I am correct, then your D830 has an Intel chipset. Hybrid SLI is supported only Nvidia chipsets, and at that only on Nvidia chipsets for AMD processors (shame on them!).

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that much I know but then how was I able to use that way back and why was the option enabled after a fresh format but somehow disappeared after installing drivers?

edit/update: so I looked around my registry. It turns out that hybrid SLI does exist in my machine *but* windows power settings is hiding the feature probably so that I can not change it. I changed all values from my registry to use integrated instead of nvidia gpu.

now how do I make that setting visible in power settings?

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