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Summarize 1667 MXM upgrade

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Guest lozdawney

Hi again!

Have you ever checked your mainboard again, does it have this white cable/connector? If yes you should be able to order a hdd kit for an Amilo Xi1526 or XA1526 via RTS or Bitronic! That's a little "trick" because they don't sell these kits officially for A1667g/A3667g types! I guess there is a button to switch into English! So that shouldn't be a problem to order- I hope!

Article no:

2nd HDD frame: 84002353 (UWL83GUJ0503-10)

Cable SATA: 84001920 (UWL80GBP7200-A0).

This will include screws!

The 8600 gt problem: Yesterday Kris/IceTea told about some solutions and today I sent it back to him so that he could check it again for me! I hope that the card does not work to get a replacement! Otherwise I'll/we'll have to search for other solutions!

Good luck for your order!

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Hi all please please someone help me!! My a1667g is not working with 8600mGT, 8600mGS or x1600 so far and I really need advice. Is it likely my mainboard is damaged?? should I replace it?? Is there something I dont know of that will make it work?? I am now in possesion of the 8600mGS card having sold each one to afford the next. I have been without my own computer now for near 3 MONTHS!!!!! I am going mad!!! Please someone help! :)



E-mail or MSN me asap please!!!

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