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As everyone knows, a lot of people are complaining about playing old games like Unreal Tournament 99, MoH:AA, WoW, etc. Everyone tough it was a graphic problem, BUT IT ISN'T!!.

Games running slowmotion, fps too high and a lot of other issues were a constant pretext to create new forum topics in a lot of forums.

As a lot of people I searched and searched and searched again and finnaly a frind of mine, Belmiro "spect" Oliveira, found it :P

It's all about the f*cking CPU!! As you all can see if you run CPUZ, your CPU clock acts crazy, it may assume a lot of different values. For example mine is 2.2 and it goes from 2.2 to 1.2, 1.8 and etc etc etc.

Now the fix!

1. Download CPUZ from this link: http://baixaki.ig.com.br/download/CPU-Z.htm or just search in the web.

2. Open CPUZ and see whats your CPU multiplier as you can see in here


3. Download this program pack: http://www.turboupload.com/download/ELFqTX...9/CPU_Suite.rar

4. Unpack, run the RMClock and then do as I explain in the next screen shots.


Remove all the V where are the red dots, apply and close the program!

5. Now, run CrystalCPUID.


Then put the value that you saw in CPUZ Enable and now create a shortcut to your desktop or wherever you want. ( to create it you have a button in the same window as you set your Multiplier.

6. Put the shortcut in your Startup programs folder and voila, problem solved. Restart your PC and your ready to rumble :)

Any doubt? Just ask.

I hope this can help you.

Special thanks to spect :)

Eduardo "idro" Sousa

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Great job! I had seen lots of threads about UT99 running slow/fast, but I won't be seeing any more!

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Great post!! :) Going to help a lot of people out there.

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Anyway to test if the problem is solved just open CPUZ and check if the CPU clock is stable at maximum frequency :)

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Very useful guide, this should be pinned. Well done for the research done on the topic, and the solution found!

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Absolutely right. It should be pinned. Can a moderator please do this?

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Very helpful post. Had no idea this had anything to do with the cpu!

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