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Pressing the hibernate button totally screwed up my driver!

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I'm currently running an 8600M GT on a Dell XPS 1530. And I'm using the driver 165.01. And I'm using Windows XP Pro. I've been using 167.09 for a while without any problems, until now.

When I pressed the hibernate button on my computer, the setting suddenly changed from 1440 *900 / 32 bit to 800*600 / 4 bit. And a couple of error messages came on. I think one of them said something about API. When I went on to try and turn on my computer, it did not let me. It seemed as though it was still on. So I had to hold down the power to shut it down forcefully. When I booted it back up all off my display settings were still in 800*600 / 4 bit and when I tried going Display Properties -> Settings, windows then bitched at me about how it doesn't like my driver. But it still let me know that I'm in 800*600 / 4 bit, but didn't let me change it.

I tried going into the nVidia control (the one beside the computer clock) , but it seemed as though it was gone. And when I tried accessing that same control through the pull down menu on the desktop, it wasn't there either. Trying to launch from the control panel didn't do anything. The icons were there but clicking them did not do anything at all. I've then went onto reinstalling the 167.09 driver, well it let me do that no problem. But it still didn't do anything. I've then installed the 165.01 on. That did not change thing at all. And I've tried installing the monitor driver too, which once again was useless.

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go to device manager (follow instructions HERE)

and see if your card is listed?

1) if it is unistall it my righclicking it and select unistall driver

2) if its not follow THIS method to reinstall.

i reccomend you update to 175.16 driver : http://forums.laptopvideo2go.com/index....showtopic=18547

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Oh hey that worked! I didn't think that uninstall the driver first would make a difference. :) . I just kept trying to reinstall the driver right on top of the old one. Thanks.

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