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Dell XPS m1730 and and underclocked 8800m gtx


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hi all,

Hopefully someone will have an answer to this.

Currently running 8800m gtx in sli, games are running ok but not as they should.

Under NiBiTor.v4.3 it shows 4 levels of clock speeds, Extra, 3D, Thrl and 2D

The 3D speeds are showing as -

Core - 383

Shader - 701

Mem - 400

The Extra is showing as -

Core - 500

Shader - 1250

Mem - 800

Can anyone tell me how i can get my dell to the nividia stock speeds, ive looked at rivatuner but the max they will go to wont reach these speeds

Any help would be much appreciated.


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wow ur 3d isnt as good as my 8400m gs on performance 3d lol you should download 169.09 and 177.41 and try them out, i think its powermizer thats underclocking them

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Thanks for the swift reply mate, i have my work Precision M6300 here with the same card, same clock speeds.

I will look in to that now :)

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nope...im bored thats why lol :)

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lol im bored and im at work!

just ran ntune, it says the core is 500 and mem 800, now i am confused!!!

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those r your graphicsa card speeds, im also at work.....experience

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