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[X] Resolution Request: 840x525


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I've got a Dell Inspiron 8500 with nvidia 4200 video. The native resolution of my display is 1680x1050. I'd love to see how good the picture looks at exactly one quarter of that, 840x525. My hope is that the simple scaling operation at this resolution will result in a crisp picture (in Unreal Tournament 2003).

Has anyone tried this resolution on a Dell before? I'd appreciate any info on how to test this - or even better, results from someone who already tried it.


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You asked, and here it is.

I've made an INF for 53.04 with your desired resolution.

Delete or move the old nv4_disp.inf and extract this one, rename it to nv4_disp.inf

Now uninstall old driver and install new one with new INF.

And before you know it 840x525 should be selectable.

Reply back with your results, so others may learn, especially 1400x1050 owners. (might make a 700x525 for them)



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Guest oneXone

Wow! Thanks!

I got this driver installed with your customized inf.

Unfortunately, I'm not sure if the 840x525 resolution works or not. Nothing lower than 800x600 is offered for desktop resolution settings.

I did edit the UT2003 ini file to set it at that resolution though. The game came up and the settings box indicated it was in that resolution, but I'm suspicious that it was actually running at something else. It looked about as "washed" as when running at 800x600. Also, 840x525 wasn't offered on the list of resolutions in UT2003 even after being displayed as the current resolution when I first got into settings. It does offer some very low resolutions, but not that one.

Thanks for your work though.

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The resolution should have been after the 800x600, as the order their sorted is by horizontal res.

I'll have a look later (by installing that INF my self) to see whats going on.


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