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NEED DRIVER QUICK! go5200 on Toshiba Satellite (Solved)


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A friend of mine is staying by for roughly 2 days and has a fairly old Toshiba Satellite laptop ( m30 model).

He has an nVidia Gefoce FX go5200

The latest (177.66) drivers do not work, as in they install but upon reboot there is DEFINITELY no hardware accelleration going and games don't run. ( I did a clean install and ran driver cleaner pro, no luck )

That latest ones I could find that worked were from an italian toshiba site I had to translate and found some 47.xx drivers that worked.

Anyone know of the latest drivers that will work for this card? the non-laptop nvidia ones for the 5FX cards are in the 175.xx series so I KNOW there must be some new drivers that work on this card!

Help greatly appreciated!

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Which OS are you running? If Vista, then the latest drivers supported for that card are the 9x.xx series. If XP, then in theory the latest drivers should still be supported. If they don't work, then try earlier versions and make sure you use Driver Sweeper between versions.

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It's windows XP and nope the latest drivers and a few other ones a bit lower down don't work. So I've settled on some 74 series drivers I found on dell's site and have-disk instal and they work fine so far. Thanks for the reply anyway, I'll stick with the ....still really old.... drivers I just found unless anyone can direct me to a better driver that they know will work for this card.

Thanks anyhow :)

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same computer here, I'm using the 84.25.

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yes 84.25 is great. Also see LSudlows modded INF thread for the Go 5200 on a DELL 5150/60 for other drivers as well.

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I'll jump in here with my two cents worth:

For XP, the 176 series is the highest that will work with the go5200. Support was dropped with the 177 series.

However, the 169 series is the highest that works WELL with the Go5200. Significantly better performance than the 17x series. In this series, 169.47 is the driver of choice, and it works quite well. I've been using it for several months with no problems at all.

98.13 is the latest driver that works (and only driver that works well) with Vista.

Of the earlier XP drivers, there are two worth considering:

The grandaddy, and still the fastest and most compatible driver ever created for the Go5200 is 67.66. It's only problem is that it lacks fixes for all the games that have been published in the last several years.

If you're in the market for one of the earlier drivers, then 84.98 is the driver of choice. It has all the good points (mostly game fixes) of 84.25, but also includes quite a few bug fixes over 84.25.

Bottom line: If you prefer the older drivers, then go with 84.98. If you prefer the newer drivers, then go with 169.47.

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