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MSI GX710 ATI HD2600 MXM --> ?


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I have an ATI HD2600 in my MSI GX710 notebook, does anyone know what MXM version this is and if it is possible to upgrade to an ATI HD38xx.

I totally prefer ATI over Nvidia, (sorry Nvidia fans) :) I've always loved ATI and now that AMD has bought ATI, I'll definitely not change.

I know Nvidia is good, but so is ATI which is still maturing and has a long way to go. It'll probably out do Nvidia some day :)

I've been told its MXM II, but I'm hopeful and not to sure if the person knows his stuff. I think the HD38xx is MXM III.

If this is possible does anybody know of a place where I can buy this MXM (HD38xx)?

I also just recently did some research and the HD2600 seems to be MXM II so, What would be the BEST video card I could upgrade to.

(whether it be Nvidia or ATI)

EDIT: OMG, after 3 weeks of looking up data, I finally decided to make a post over this subject hoping someone would help me. And it turns

out I found it out not 40 minutes after this post! What crazy luck!


THE GX700 supports MXM III although it has an MXM II card that comes in it, You can also buy it with an MXM III card.

If the GX700 supports MXM II then the GX710 definitely supports MXM III!

Go ahead and add this to the list. BTW, I'd still like to know if anyone knows where I can buy a HD3870 mobility!

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