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Crazy Ocer!

Guest tooLazytoReg

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Guest tooLazytoReg

Very crazy!

He got it @ 738/1620/600

I just read it from a forum...perhaps he also oc his CPU.


He didn't have a 9800M GTX, he just modded the BIOS.


Now he claimed he got a new record @ 738/1738/600 & 3DMark06 5423, but no img.

Btw, he uses ASUS F8.

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I'll eat a tire if thats legit. 9800m gtx...its even doubtful if thats even out for commercial laptop manufacturing yet. and plus 738/1738/600 & 3DMark06 5423?!?!?! At stock the 9800m gtx will achieve at least 8000 if not 9000. What i'm guessing is that its a moded inf like mine which shows my 8600m gt as an 8700m gt because its clocked that high. But from the scores and OC, it looks like an 8400m gt (if there is one?) which would explain the very high clocks and low 3dmark score due to limited stream processors (i can get 6000+ at 690/1380/890 on my 8600m gt). I guess this dude is just an arse so whatever.

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It does seem to be an 8400m gt.

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Guest Guest

I said he just moded his GPU's BIOS...so it isn't 9800m GTX, but actually 8600m gt.

And he's cpu is very low, T5450, as you can see from the img.

His GPU is a DDR2 version.

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