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8600M GT 177.66 / No OC options in NVIDIA control panel


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OK, I'm a little new at all this, so maybe I'm just missing the freight train here...

Why after installing the 177.66 with modded inf, I can't see any of the overclocking features in the NVIDIA control panel?

Isn't it supposed to be there?

I can use RivaTuner 2.09 to o/c stuff, but something tells me I should also be able to access it in the control panel.

I have attached a screen shot of my control panel.


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You will not see OCing options in the Nvidia CP unless you install nTune. However, I believe that nTune cannot overclock mobile GPUs anyway. By the way, what is the highest stable overclock you have achieved?

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Ntune is able to oc any card that uses an nvidia motherboard (nforce.)

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Thanks guys, got it working, I had installed Ntune at one point, but I guess it got jacked up during a driver install and it wasn't working. I then forgot I had to install it in the first place... so I came here.

I reinstalled it and solved the problem.

I can't control my fan, but from what I was reading, it seems that I may not have a separate fan for my GPU on this system, so that may be why.

Oh, btw, I'm currently at 550/1100 and 780 memory, I haven't ever had a problem yet, so I keep stepping it up slowly, I'll let you know when I find the limit.


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