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Asus G1s (8600m GT) Performance Issues


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A friend an I both bought laptops six months ago for school, mine a G1s and his a V1s.

Around this time I bought a copy of Unreal Tournament 3 to play online, and it ran fine. Now it runs at ~19 Fps consistently, reaching 35 staring at a wall. This is on native resolution (1680x1050) with minimum graphics settings

His still runs a consistent 40 fps, the difference between the machines being 512mb graphics on the G1s vs. 256mb on the V1s

I have formatted the notebook using the restore discs that came with it, and have installed the 167.43 drivers, finding the 169.09 drivers having no improvement.

I have the latest version of directx, am not running any other programs/non-crucial processes at the same time, and have performance settings on highest. No overclocking.

So three questions:

What framerates should I be able to get, with minimum settings and with maximum settings?

Do I need to post any other information here?

And the important one, Any idea what could be causing the bad performance?


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Thanks for all the help guys. really.

I installed Vista SP1 when it finally decided to show up in updates, and it appears the hardware is back up to speed for now. Haven't had a chance to play online for quite a while, but offline works well enough. Should show me whether the network card is mucking something up.

If anybody exists here, I pose another question.

Are there any freeware tools I can use to log the hardware usage whilst running a game?

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what is your OS and processor speed??

ah sorry didnt read ur info.

Well ur processor is good and ur GPU is pretty decent. Im not sure wat u would get on the minimum settings but on the highest, you should be getting at least 25fps, if not 30. My mate has a Macbook Pro with the same GPU and a slighter faster processor and he gets 35 - 40 fps.

Use Nvidias Ntune to monitor hardware usage.

Hope this helps

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I think it is pretty stupid to be using the native resolution of 1680 x 1050 for U3.

I know it looks pretty and all but its retarded to "expect" performance.

I used to have the G1S and I recommend installing the 175 drivers for the best performance from the 8600M GT.

There are several version of the 8600M just so you are aware.

8600M GS comes in 256 mb and 512 mb DDR2.

8600M GT comes in 256 mb and 512 mb GDDR3 (512MB in 17" laptops I think.)

The performance between the two is a huge difference with the GT way on top.

I recommend the resolution 1280 x 768, 2x AA, 4x or 8x AF, and all the settings on HIGH. See what that gives you for performance ranges of probably 60FPS or more.

You should not even play U3 with less than 60 FPS.

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