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Bad Driver problem. infinite loop.


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Hello everyone.

I am in desperate shape here. I have been trying for the last 2 days to figure this out but i cannot.

I am hoping some one might be able to help me.

ok. so here is the deal.


I bought a dell vostro 1700 2GB T7700 8700M GT. im sure you all know about that little savings gem. :)

it came with 32bit vista.

problem is.... me and vista did not get along... so i got rid of it and went to XP.

so problem solved right??


there seemed to be no drivers for 8700M GT for 32bit XP.

so i downloaded the newest drivers 177.16...it detected my card as a 8600M GT

which i did not realize until i tried to overclock my GFX card and all the numbers were whack.

so i tried to download other drivers from this website that had sure fire support for 8700M GT on XP.

only now when i tried to install them. It still thinks i have a 8600M GT!!!!!

i tried installing like 30 times. i tried rolling back drivers. i even tried installing the 32bit vista drivers for 8700M GT off of the nvidia site.

nothing is working. :)

some one please help me.

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weird i thought that the dell vostro only came with a max 8600m GT, you might want to check the inventory they gave you in the invoice to be sure.

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Couldn't find that combination with a quick search anywhere.

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Couldn't find that combination with a quick search anywhere.

somewhere on these exact fourms i have seen in some ones sig the same setup as mine....

maybe i can find it.

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download GPU-z to detect exactly what GPU you have in your system.

Try 'have disk' driver installation. i can change my driver to 8700Gt and its only an 8600Gt. but i get wya hotter temps. didnt notice any improvement

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