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8800GT + 6200 + 5500 + Vista 64 = Sad

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Hey guys,

I'm having some issues getting all three cards in my system to place nice. I've got Windows Vista x64 SP1 installed and am otherwise happy with it. For a while I've had an 8800GT and a 6200 in my two PCI-E slots driving four displays between them; no worries. I recently wanted to add two more displays so I purchased a GeForce FX 5500 PCI card; on the understanding that nVidia had driver support for GeForce FX, 6, 7, 8 and 9 under Windows Vista and according to the WDDM requirements all videocards must use the same driver.

Installed the card; no fun. Card disabled. Code 43.

Great, I thought, and looked up a driver pack with a modded inf; ended up with the NGO one which promised support for "GeForce Series 2 through 9". I had a look at the inf and my card was listed there with the right PCI ID. Uninstalled all drivers, installed this new one..still no love.

Any ideas why a modded inf might not be working?

Yes, I've disabled all driver signing requirements in my Vista install, and UAC is off and all that simple stuff. Is there something I'm missing?

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I have one 8800gt and one pci fx5500 on vista ultimate x64, having the same issue, the 8800gt is diabled with error code 43. if unplug the fx5500, 8800 works fine. Any solution yet??? Please email me y@youglad.com for a solution. Thanks a lot!

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This sounds like it is occurring because the FX 5 series was eliminated from driver support by Nvidia after the 101.xx series. If I were you, I would remove your current driver, run Driver Sweeper, and then install the latest driver available on Windows Update, which still supports the FX 5 series.

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