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5 years in the making


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Another year or two have passed since our last newsletter. This year we celebrate half a decade of the very existance of Pieter's modded INF.

It all started yesterday 5 years ago. The 21st of July in 2003 brought salvation for the NVIDIA-driven laptop and desktop PC enthusiast community. And the word spreaded pretty quickly. An important factor for the positive development and huge acceptance of the INF came from the LaptopVideo2Go forums. Appreciations go out to all you members and visitors who contributed with their knowledge, insight, patience and time.

Demand for mobile NVIDIA drivers is still high, and with an ever increasing notebook market still rising. Our monthly statistic for visitors, pageviews and driver downloads continuously breaks records.

A few weeks ago were hit 2 million times a day... twice within a week. A couple of months ago BiOSHOCK driver v163.44 for Vista 32bit reached the magic mark of 100000 thread views... within 2 months.

Larry's thread holding his custom INF to enable the DELL 5150/5160 running all the latest drivers was viewed over 1 million times... making it more popular than all our FAQ threads together. It might have been slashdotted?!

Even though we are expanding each and every month we need to stress and remind you that this is a free service and voluntary work mainly realized in our spare time. So please bear with us, should it be that an INF is not immediately available, a file ends up in a 404 error, or just generally your questions cannot be answered by us. The sheer amount of people trying to communicate with us, seeking help and trying to find a solution for problems is overwhelming.

Pieter, Teraphy, me or any of the moderators do NOT have access to the NVIDIA developer's area which holds documentation for the drivers and explanation to specific settings in the INF. Use of common sense and messing with NVIDIA drivers since about 8 years -though- can sometimes compensate a missing documentation smile.gif

Please also remember that we are in no way affiliated with NVIDIA, neither do we work for nor do we receive support from them. Please keep in mind that using a modded INF voids your support rights towards your laptop manufacturer and obviously towards NVIDIA as well.

On the other hand, if you think, what we do here is useful for you and made your day, please consider a donation to further support development and pay the hosting costs for this site. If you think an ad on our page would bring more people to your site or business, don't hesitate to contact Pieter.

Pieter's modded INF developed over the last 5 years and had about 1000 changes in this timeframe. Fixes we provide here are by no way definite and could be useless with future driver series or doesn't work with older series.

There are so many aspects why something doesn't work for you, even though it worked before or it works for others and the most common are:

You installed the driver on top of an older version... instead of uninstalling it first.

You didn't removed any driver remnants... especially in the registry.

You didn't restart (after uninstalling).

You didn't restart (after installing).

You desperately mix an older, working driver with the top-notch latest BETA release which doesn't work for you... in order to get it working finally.

You messed around with tweaking tools or disabled Windows Services.

You didn't update laptop's BIOS.

You avoid Windows Update and haven't installed all of the latest patches.

You forgot to use the modded INF/Pieter's INF.

You mixed a modded INF made for an international driver with an English driver or vice versa.

You have so many poorly coded software installed that even without running a demanding game your laptop/computer is creeping slowly or out of nothing suffers from a BSOD.

You have a couple of codecs installed and at least 3 of them -responsible for DivX playback- battle for merit 080000000 or you installed a codec pack where at least 5 of them battle for merit 0800000001.

And last but not least: it was just not meant to be.

The driver, modded INF, some other aspect or a combination of all is responsible. Try a more recent driver.

Please check yourself before you blame NVIDIA, your laptop manufacturer, us... or our cats.

Enough with the rant, off to the good news.

New LV2Go.com Features:

Teraphy included the DEVICE_ID and SUBSYS_ID driver search on the frontpage about 6 months ago. It's a long anticipated feature which allows to filter out drivers that natively support your specific (manufacturer's branded aka SUBSYS_ID) NVIDIA GPU. Just put in the numbers. No need to search through all the dedicated driver threads to find a compatible driver.

In case you cannot figure your video card's DEV_ID and SUBSYS_ID use our NERD tool.

The search boxes and all drivers are over HERE.

Hint: the LV2Go website currently gets another major design treatment. The driver download section will be up to date again and finding drivers specifically fitting your laptop (even without a modded INF) will be a breeze. ETA: approx. 4 weeks, but don't quote me on that.

What is also unique, is our voting system for each driver release. In a quick glance it reflects the user's opinion and experience with a particular driver. Provided that people actually participate and vote (like in real life) it should give a hint of how well a driver is accepted by the community without reading each and every post in a driver thread.

Additionally we added (on request) a WHQL check logo in front of each driver thread for better overview while browsing the categorized driver series subforums.

New Forums:

PhysX Driver Releases:

As of today we are hosting the only 2 known driver versions... and a FAQ.

Also Michael Marley created a Folding@Home (FAH) team where everybody can join simulating the folding process of proteins in order to understand diseases like Alzheimer and cancer. We want to take advantage that the majority of visitors have a laptop/PC equipped with a nVidia GPU. CUDA enabled GPUs like the GeForce 8, 9, and GTX accelerate the calculations to many times the speed of the basic CPU client. Come join us. All the information you need is in the dedicated thread.

User's Review Section:

You researched weeks and weeks for a new laptop. It arrived finally. Now here's your chance to write a review about all the details, pros and cons you found after unpacking and using your new baby.

La discussion en fran├žais

It's french thing.

Official MXM-Upgrade.com Support & Discussion Forum:

Not exactly a new forum section (it's been around since 2 years), but always worth to mention. Also Kris has made a couple of updates on his site, so make sure you visit MXM-Upgrades.com if you need information how to upgrade to a DirectX 10 MXM card.

New Super Members:



Michael Marley




New Moderators:

Guyver1 (SLI-Forum)

Michael Marley (BIOS Forum)

New Global Moderator:


New Interesting Threads:

Dox's Enhanced INF for Clevo Laptops XP x86 only

Michael's Modded INF for SigmaTel and IDT Audio

whitetigerx7 INF for HP/Compaq/VoodooPC

Synaptics LuxPad modded drivers for ACER Gemstone series

MVIX MX780/MX760 Firmware

NVIDIA Stereo Drivers

Dedicated Driver Threads:

We literally have a thousand of them... and each one holds details and download links for either Windows NT, Windows 9x/ME, Windows 2000 / XP 32bit, XP 64bit, VISTA 32 & 64bit drivers. Also a couple of Linux drivers are available.

Since Pieter (INF) and Teraphy (nVision Forum) started their private pages back in 2003 and then united both in the beginning of 2004 to LaptopVideo2Go.com we constantly increased the driver selection by adding more unreleased, unknown, leaked or official driver releases as soon as we found them. Hence this makes LaptopVideo2Go.com (continuously) the most comprehensive NVIDIA driver resource on earth as we directly host more than 1100(!) original and unmodified NVIDIA video card drivers.

Dedicated Driver Threads with >100000 Views:

84.25 XP 32bit "OBLiViON" (~131.000 views)

156.83 XP 32bit LENOVO (~232.000 views)

163.44 VISTA 32bit "BiOSHOCK" (~162.000 views)

163.44 XP 32bit "BiOSHOCK" (~124.000 views)

163.75 XP 32bit (~135.000 views)

167.45 VISTA 32bit DELL (~295.000 views)

169.09 XP 32bit "CRYSiS" (~293.000 views)

169.09 VISTA 32bit "CRYSiS" (~277.000 views)

169.25 VISTA 32bit (~102.000 views)

169.28 VISTA 32bit (~116.000 views)

169.28 XP 32bit (~108.000 views)

171.16 VISTA 32bit (~203.000 views)

174.74 VISTA 32bit (incl. >40 ODM/OEM INFs) (~106.000 views)

Most Unique Drivers:

v174.70 and 174.74 for XP 32bit are -without any doubt- the most unusual NVIDIA drivers ever released. We had drivers in the 156 and 158 series which came with a dozen of OEM/ODM INFs included already, but v174.7x tops them all with the unbelievable amount of 55 included manufacturer's INFs. Even v174.74 for XP 64bit edition comes with 28 INFs, 174.74 for VISTA 32bit features 43 INFs and last, but not least v174.74 for VISTA 64bit has 45 INFs.

Those drivers support the largest amount of subsys'd GPUs and therefore are the most compatible drivers ever (if you don't use Pieter's modded INF). We cannot imagine any soon date where this record will be broken as it's a very rare circumstance anyways that you'll find more than 5 OEM/ODM INFs in the drivers.

As a side note it needs to be mentioned that both the v174.70 VISTA drivers (x86 and x64) as well as v174.70 for XP x64 unfortunately only come with 1 INF sad.gif

Using Pieter's modded INF though will solve the installation problem in case your GPU is not supported by the original INF.

Get the drivers here:

174.70 XP 32bit

174.74 XP 32bit

174.74 XP 64bit

174.74 VISTA 32bit

174.74 VISTA 64bit

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed it and see you in another 2 years!

The guys from LaptopVideo2Go

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Huge thanks to Rene who was up till the wee hours (4am) to put this together, I will take no kudos (just converted (modded :) ) to BBcode)

Some of you will recognise it from the newletter email we sent out, we don't do any unless they are worth it :)

Anyway enjoy :P

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Kudo's to BOTH of you! Very nice letter!


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  • 2 weeks later...

Many Thanx for all that hard work to keep this place the best resource for mobile nvidia drivers worldwide.

keep on rolling!

Best Regards and thanx again


:) :) :P :P :rofl:

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