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New build for my little sister...


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Hey, I recently built a system for my little sister to use primarily for school work, browsing the web, watching movies, and listening to music- she'll do zero gaming on it. It's using my old 5950U.

Now nVidia only has one driver listed for this card that'll work with Vista- yet this driver does not offer full functionality in Vista. The driver control panel isn't even available. I could download RivaTuner or nHancer just in case she ever does try to play HL2 or what not... but I'm just curious if there are any old/beta/ "un-official" drivers for this card that'll work under Vista? I know there are always leaked drivers for newer cards... might there be some leaked drivers that'll support these? According to the wiki page I linked to a few lines up, nVidia claimed they'd support the FX series till it was "EOL"... yet they've only released a single driver supporting them under Vista. Kinda' sucks.

I guess, in the absolute worst case scenerio I could always purchase a beefier card... but I'd rather not as it is a really old system (AXP 2800, ASUS A7V8X mobo, 2GB DDR500). If I did get a new video card it'd probably be the HD3850 as it'll offer the most "bang-for-buck"... yet I know with that card the CPU will be a MASSIVE bottleneck. Hence why I'm hoping there might be some more functional drivers for my 5950U somewhere.

TIA. :)

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Ya'll can scratch this. I really don't want to hassled with it so I'm gonna' give her my E6600 that I have lying around here and my 512MB 7900GT. Now to buy a decent mobo and RAM... lol

Thanks though!

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