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geforce 6800 go and hatachi tv


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Hey guys, I need some help. hope I'm in the right place if not I'm sorry.

I have Inspiron 9300 laptop with the geforce go 6800(not Ultra) video card and a 50" Hitachi HDTV capable of 720P or 1080i resolution.

I have it connected to the HDTV because the laptop screen is bad(vertical lines)

I have a problem with incorrect resolution and I can't seem to get it worked out, I was hoping someone here could help me.

I have tried setting after setting in order to get something to work the best I can find is 1176 X 664 however ANYTHING that I try to run that requires a minimum screen resolution of 1024 X 768 WILL NOT RUN and closes it's self down.

Currently the screen resolution is set to 1176 X 664(scale to fit with 120 dpi font). For viewing text and screen fit this is the best resolution anything lower make dialog boxes scale off the screen and the ok, cancel and apply cant be reached regardless of moving it or hiding the task bar.

If i go up in resolution the tv or card automatically switches to 1080i the dialog boxes will become so small that text is unreadable any increase in the the dpi size and text scales beyond the button size.

Any help would be greatly appreciated and keep up the good work!

FYI I'm using XP Pro and version 174.70 of your drivers.

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Are you sure the laptop screen is bad and not the gpu?

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Are you sure the laptop screen is bad and not the gpu?

I don't think it's the gpu the vertical lines only appear on the laptop screen. i know someone that has several dell laptops that done the same thing and it was there screen that was bad.

As far as he resolution goes I would be satisfied with any resolution that would work as long as I can read text and use programs that require a minimum resolution of 1024 x 768

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