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Geforce 8700M GT boots to black screen

Guest Matt0402

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What version of the BIOS are you guys running? This sounds like it might be a BIOS-related issue.

I have the latest BIOS fro my system, which is A9

I heard that there are modified info files with nvidia drivers , which helpes to correct black screen issue.

is there any recent modified nvidia drivers for my system ? (2x8700M GT)

thank you.

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still no news ?

any solution ?

I got my XPS 1730 recently , and when I update my graphic card driver, I started to have this issue.

thank you.

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All XPS M1730 came out with Bios A09 1 month and a bit before Bios A09 was available for Download on the Dell Site.

My machine has a dual 8800 GTX with 512mb ram each and I cant seem to experience this however...

I read on other places that the heat generated by the GFX card's as been an issue with Dell M1730 who have tried to make it better with an bios updates who ventilates still baddly the cards temperatures on iddle reach 70 to 75 celsious before fans kick in. I also have a Zalman Laptop cooler which I modded to include more fans powered externally.

I am running the latest nvidia drivers 175.32 beta which support the machine in question Im also trying to work with someone else to resolve the temperature issues on the gfx card.

On the issue of Drivers and reports to Dell this is an snip of and official email I received regarding similar issue with another machine... "there are no reports from our user base to suggest there are any issue with the drivers supplied so we cannot fix or attempt to fix what users dont report in significant numbers for us to dedicate our resources on a fix"

The email ramble on to say that they trying to get more updates from nvidia to ensure there are better experiences with the machines...

Personally I would aggree to a point that Bios is an issue and a greater factor, I had an instance that the laptop woulnd't boot saying that the power unit attached wasnt compatible with the laptop and that the battery was unable to get charged the message prompted me to unplug and try to reseat the power plug and restart the machine. After a few tries it accepted the power unit who was and allways had been the same shipped with laptop. This error has not repeated itself since.

I had another issue where unistalling some software on reboot only one video card was being reported by system took a few trips to registry and a couple of reboots to get bios recognising the other card as well as it being seen by the OS.

I am still more enclined to agree that there are issues with the bios rather then the drivers and different cards are obviously affect in different degrees.

I dont know about you guys but anyone with any issue with this laptop we should start a topic somewhere posting hardware profiles and temperatures as well as any issues we all having with this machine and I will email the link of said topic to Someone Higher up in Dell who I cannot divulge the email address this is the only chance I see we ever gonna get satisfaction from dell by combining forces in one place and let the user count and issue do the talking...

Now I may fail to see some points but here is the truth without users moaning repeatedly if it needs be we wont get what we paid for and I certainly wouldnt give up on this ever.... Im sure together we can either that or I just by myself either way I dont intend for Dell to get away with anything...

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Guest Molder2k
I found my solution.

I don't know if it's suitable for others but anyway, I'm going to share it.

I have downloaded and used this modded driver for my XPS M1730 Laptop.

it worked perfectly for me.


Hi, I have 180.70 driver and I have the same problem:((( I have to rollback to 179.13 to boot with battery only? :) (((

My performance with 180.70 are very good... (8700M sli m1730). What are inf differences? Thanks to all..

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