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8600M GT - Accelerated Picture always distorted


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I have a problem with my 8600M GT laptop card.


- Compal IFL 90

- nVidia GeForce 8600M GT (512MB)

- Intel 9300 Penryn Dual Core @ 2.5Ghz

- 4GB System Memory (only 3GB used due to 32bit)

- WinXP Pro SP2

Latest working driver was 156.10 (original from Compal of 2007/7/20).

Currently installed driver: nVIDIA ForceWare X 177.73 for Windows XP/2K 32bit from this site.

Problem description:

The original driver was working well for me but my TV-out suddenly stopped working and, despite some hours of trying, I was not able to get it running again. (Stopped working means no image at all on the TV). I thus decided to install a newer driver and tried the most current version I got two weeks ago on this site. The updated driver did not change anything related to my TV out but, even worse, trashed my hardware acceleration. Every picture that is accelerated now displays like shown in the jpg attachment. Little green fragments all over the place.

I tried to install the driver that came with my Laptop again as well as the version from Compal. I've also tried "Driver Sweeper"... No results. Every driver I've tried shows the same image.

I've also updated my Chipset drivers to the newest version found on the Compal Website and I've run all Windows Updates (despite SP3) and DirectX Updates (9.0c).

Needless to say that all images look well when I switch off the hardware acceleration...

I'm out of ideas what else to try so every help would really be appreciated.

Find attached my N.E.R.D. log files.




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TRY THIS DRIVER. i know its overkill, but when i am about to watch a movie i change to this driver. Works very well. (games its pretty average)


EDIT: actually the link i gave you is for the 8400GS... click drivers, then video, then select 8600... if that doesnt work, then select

Go to tech help/ drivers/ laptop/ inspiron /1720

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Hi and thanks for the quick answer.

For some reason, the forum did not send me the notification mail I requested :)

I've tried what you've suggested but my problem is that I can only select a driver for the 8400 when I select Inspirion 1720... The 8600M GT driver seems only to be available for Vista...

I've tried to install the 8400 driver with the modded inf from this side but that failed.

I did not find a 8600M GT driver for WinXP 32 on dell.com...

Do you maybe have other suggestions?

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Noone? :)

I somehow felt that the picture I've attached in the first post doesn't look like a very unique problem....

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Sorry for bumping, but did anyone have a similar problem?

I'd reinstall Windows but I'm not sure if it isn't a hardware thing since it is the same for the last 4 drivers that I have tried....

Just an opinion:

Software <-> Hardware ?


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I seem to have the same problem... Have Sager 2090, Win XP SP3, fresh install, just a little bit over a week.. Having the same problem with picture in games, and some minor flicks with movies (lines, etc.). This is pretty annoying and I have no reason why this is so - I thought it's due to SP3. Furthermore, I've changed at least 3 different drivers, wiped with Drive Sweeper...did not help! :) :) :P Any suggestions?

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