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Need driver for GeForce Go 7300


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I have a laptop which Vista SP1 installed. Please help me to find a new ForceWare.

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Use either 177.70 or 175.95. I personally use 177.70 but others have reported tearing/jittering when watching movies/HD with 177.70. They work good for

me though. If you use 177.70 use nvam.inf if the oem inf zip file since it supports your device.

Hears 175.95175.95

Hears 177.70177.70

Hope this helps :)

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Thanks. You solved my problem.

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There is a problem: This driver works but I can't see any performance improvement against my old 9x.xxx driver.

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Newer drivers don't always improve performance but rather improve upon compatibility and issues with games/graphical errors.

This is especially true with vista. But I'm pretty sure it gave u a little gain, since u came from the 9 series drivers. Look around

the FAQ and u can find benchmarks for different drivers and the performance gains from newer ones. :)

I just found this Go 7300 benchmark

has the same card and u can see the performance gain/loss with different drivers

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