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NEED HELP with 8600m gt


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ok heres the deal, in any game i play whether it be tfc2, cod4, or wow my frame rate will be fine at around 50-70 frames, but when any big battles start to happen my fps will spike down to about the 9-12 fps range, which makes any game non playable, then when everyone is loaded on my screen is will average out at about 20 fps.... and this is with frickin tfc2 running off the steam engine, my old desktop thats way worse than this laptop can run that engine fine with no frame rate problems. and thats on the old 6800 series

now my specs are as follows.

2.2 dual core duo

4gigs of ram

8600m gt

win xp 32bit sp2

so i got the 156.83 drivers from them main page, followed all the directions with in inf files or w/e.... and still the problem persists... what am i to do!!!!!????

oh yeah and thats running the game at 800X600 with the lowest possible settings (makes the game look like s*** btw)

but any help would be great.... thanks!

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And try watching the temperature of your card with Rivatuner. Any temp over 80c with 8600M GT causes the thing to start crapping out on you. No joke. I used to have a G1S and got a replacement from Best Buy.

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