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174.55 is out


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CUDA driver from nVidia

 Operating System: Windows Vista 64bit

 Driver Version: 174.55

 Driver Date: 2008-03-27 (YYYY-MM-DD)

 Driver Size: 38.17 MB

 Driver Released by: NVIDIA - CUDA

 MS WHQL Certificate: False

 Setup Files Included: True

 International Files: True

Vista x86

Vista x64

WinXP x86

WinXP x64

Beta 2.0 for Windows and Vista

Here are the beta packages for WinXP, XP64, Vista and Vista64.

Linux will follow soon

Some key notes on this beta release for Vista:

- For the moment SLI needs to be disabled for CUDA to see any devices. This has already been fixed but the fix didn't make it into this beta release.

- To use multiple GPUs, under Vista each additional GPU must have a desktop extended onto it. This means for now Tesla is not available under Vista, only GeForce and Quadro cards. XP will still work fine on Tesla C870 and D870.

- CUDA for Windows still requires compiling with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005. We will support 2008 later in the year. This is the same for XP and Vista.

Specific for 64-bit (XP64 and Vista64) there's a simple problem that was fixed but didn't make it into this package for the new SDK sample threadMigration (XP32 and Vista32 are fine). This package has the pre-built binary in the sdk bin\win64\Release directory with the wrong name "thradMigration.exe". To run the pre-built binary, please rename it to threadMigration.exe. To build the package for both Debug and Release modes under Visual Studio, change the project properties Linker->General Outputfile name from thradMigration .exe to threadMigration.exe

What GPUs are supported with this release:

- G80, G84, G86 and G92. With the exception of 9800GTX (for Windows and Vista), just didn't get into this build in-time. 9800GX2 did make it.

- Notebook device IDs have been added just for this Windows/Vista beta test release. That means you shouldn't have to mess with INF files, it should work for many CUDA-capable notebooks (still recommend 256MB video memory or more). Please note that this is a beta driver just for CUDA development/beta testing and the driver is not supported by notebook manufacturers. There is the potential with this CUDA beta driver for notebooks for trouble with suspend/hybernate/power-savings modes and fan speeds.

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