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Enhanced CLEVO INF for v177.79 (XP & Vista)


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My new and improved (hopefully) INF is ready for the newly released 177.79 beta drivers.

Lots of changes this release bringing the INF version to 2.0.

Major changes:

-Restructured the INF to reduce size yet maintain the same features as the ones before it

  -Streamlined the INF by centralising the tweaks and deleted some AddReg settings as a result

  -Reduced the number of different device variation settings

  -ModeSetBlankDelay set to 1 as default for all cards

-Added additional optimisations and ehancements to the INF

-Fine tuned the per card ehancements

-Added support for missing clevo cards in particular 7800 and 7800GTX (thanks DasFool)

........and lots of other minor stuff not to be concerned about (quirks)

Dox's Enhanced INF for Clevo Laptops XP & Vista x86

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