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Need solid good drivers.


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Hi my current graphic card is a nVidia GO 6800 256mb on a Fujitsu Siemens.

What im looking for is good gaming drivers, i dont play so much new games but more like counter-strike 1.6 & scource and warcraft 3 and some other games. The problem is not that i dont have 100fps because i do i just want even better performance like for the games to feel smoother. The ones im using now are some nVidia NGO drivers i picked up from Guru3d and they are told to be good for gaming but i dont really know so i was wondering if there is someone here who does. I know there is some kind of benchmark on the GO 6800 on wich driver is the best but i dont understand how i should read it to know which driver is the best. I the drivers to be solid good that the majoirty of people use for theese kind of games!

Would love some help!


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The most recent NGO drivers I saw on guru3d are based on forceware 169.25. There are currently 3 drivers I would recommend.

First would be 175.95 released by clevo. Overall solid drivers and they have advanced powermizer control options in XP.

You can get them here 175.95 XP 175.95 Vista

Next, 177.70. Overall good gaming drivers that are pretty solid. This is what I use. Should note that some users have reported tearing/jittering when

watching HD/movies with this driver, just so u know.

get them here 177.70 XP 177.70 Vista

And last is 177.79. Haven't used these but others have reported positive feedback using these

can be found here 177.79 XP 177.79 Vista

And if u post again it would be very helpful to list ur os :) Hope this helps

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Wow thanks alot! Thats very useful, sorry i have a xp 32bit. I think im going to try the 177.70 :) ! Do they have overclock menu aswell?

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