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CnC3 Tiberium Wars and driver 8600m GS problems


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I've got some problems with running CnC3 Tiberium Wars on my laptop.

I have asus Z96Sp with T9300, nvidia GeForce 8600m GS 256Mb, 4GB, and Vista 64 Ultimate.

Generally all attempts to start CnC ended with crashes, computer was not responding, after 10-15 restarting showing the there was problem with nvidia driver.

I've tried with 177.41, 174.31 and ngo modded drivers. The conclusion are: system unstable.

The biggest succes is with (101.19), I can start game and play the campaign for only 2 minutes, with the lowest graphic settings in CnC3 options.

I've been testing many options in nvidia settings.


I know there's no official support of EA for Vista 64-bit, on official asus website you can find drivers for Vista 32.

I've passed "recommended" test on systemrequirementslab.com. I've read on many forums a/m game plays fine on vista 64.

Anybody who has an experience with this cards, pls help. Pls suggest which driver is the most stable.

101.19 from official support of local dealer, is the most stable for 8 hrs. after that there occure some problems with stability, wit running other applications. :)



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Guest veryangryperson


I have same problem. I think that main reason is in my motherboard z96sp.

Just cant install right drivers from "nvidia com"

Asus com didnt help me much beacuse i have 64 bit vista and they dont have 64 bit vista drivers.

Whats wrong with the world, theres crysis and lot of other good games what i cannot play.

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