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Weird flickering problem, just CAN'T fix


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This has been driving me mad for about 4 days.

I have a problem on my laptop that when I minimise or maximise an application the screen flickers and sort of corrupts. Just for a second, and if i minimize and restore the window a few times quickly the problem will eventually go. I had this problem last year when Vista very first came out and as drivers matured it went, but now it's back and worse than before.

I've had to format as I received a new hard drive, but when I install any video driver, even "safe" 175 series I know to be stable and fine it still does it. The ONLY one that fixes the problem is 177.79, but this when playing games gives me an NMI Parity Error after a while (which after googling is caused by "a device misbehaving because of the driver") so as my laptop is primarly for gaming this isn't really a solution.

I'm flat out of ideas now, I've tried 32 bit and 64 windows thinking that 64 bit needed a whole different driver set so conflicts should dissapear, I've formatted numerous times, I've made my own custom Vista disc that doesnt include any stock NVidia drives and nothing will fix it.

So basically has anyone had such a problem and can tell me "oh yes xxxxx fixes it", or can point me in the direction of stable drivers, because now I've been reduced to randomly picking ones out of 175 and 177 series and installing them, but after the 20th entry into safe mode to uninstall them it gets a little tedious.

Any help from anyone appreciated. :)

My specs are to you left but i run a 7900GTX not 7950, I can't seem to find 7900 in the list. :)

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this may be related to your hardware specificially. i never had it when running various drivers on vista.

Have you tried whql drivers?

Can you install XP and see if this happens?

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This never used to happen in XP. I believe the problem to be linked to Aero. I've just had a brainwave...i'm going to put my old hard drive in and see what driver I was using as I never used to have the problem. Im just worried its going to say 175.75 which I've tried already.

...post back with the news.

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It says 175.80 which on my new install causes the problem.

I just don't get it, every install of windows produces the same, but on my old install it doesn't. I like to consider myself technically minded as I study computer science at uni, but this makes absolutely no f'ing sense. The same driver on the same system, one install no problem the other a problem...are there any nvidia hotfixes available or something, I may have stumbled across one at some point that fixed it, im honestly WELL stuck :'(

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I see that 177.79 stops the issue. this may be a better driver range to select.

have you tried like 177.66 or 177.73

they are the best in that range for games.

Actually hang on.. try 174.31 WHQL. its by dell, but that wont matter as its specificially for your 7900 GTX GPU


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Cheers, I'll try those 2, then fall back to the Dell if I have too.

177.41 won't work for the record, but you've been a big help. Didnt realise there was a Dell option that was 4 months old :)

Thanks again.


EDIT: There Vista32 drivers

The latest 64 bit Dell drivers are practically older than I am!!!! 19/01/2007 -.-

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oh right... i did read that you changed to 64 bit. forgot :)

failing the two 177 series i mentions, have a look at other companies WHQL drivers. ummm acer or asus they have options for 7900 GTX cards, so will have a driver option you can use.

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175.63 removed the flickering and give a stable gaming performance so they'll be the one's I'll run with. Still curious as to what the sudden problem was with all the other drivers :)

I bought it the RAM and hard drive as a second birthday present for it and this is how it treats me, shocking! :)

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well at least you know thats its a driver issue, and now its soughted... weird that lots of drivers have the same issue. goes to show that driver versions only change a select few settings.

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