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Hitting Really Hard Lag Spikes While Playing Requiem: BloodyMare


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I've recently started playing a new MMORPG called Requiem: BloodyMare. Perhaps some of you have heard of it?

Anyways, this game is ALOT like WoW, questing grinding etc. only problem is, the game doesn't run very smooth.

I have a GeForce Go 6150 with the latest driver available installed on this site (177.79).

Even with this, I still hit large lag spikes! I have all settings set down to performance and almost all visual effect turned off in-game and nothing. I even enabled V-Syng and Triple Buffering but still laggy!

If anyone knows any recommended drivers for games like WoW then give me a shout!


EDIT: I downloaded a driver off here a long time ago when I used to play WoW. I used to maintain an average of 21 FPS until I downloaded one of your drivers and boosted it up to a 58 average. I can't remember when that was and I can't remember my old username but I know it is possible to get a good FPS improvement!

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Well I found my old Email and got my old account back (I'm JesseW) but anyways I found the driver I was looking for too (171.16) Which boosted my WoW FPS by alot. For any others looking for a good driver for WoW I HIGHLY recommend this one!!

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