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Windows vista freeze's


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im having a problem in my acer 6920G... after reinstall windows my notebook freeze on games randnly, after 5minutes or 30minutes...

games not responding

explorer.exe not responding

msn, firefox, etc not responding

ctrl alt dell don't run

after this i need to reset the NB, by pressing power(on/off) for 2 or 3 seconds and turning it on again...

what a hell?? :)


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Well... I hope this is simply a driver issue. So let?s start with that.

I?m not sure if you are running 32 or 64 bit OS, so here is a link for all 177.** driver versions


I recommend you start with 177.66 or even 177.73

1) You will need to download the driver, and the 'modified inf' file as well.

2) When you have extracted the driver to a folder, copy the 'modified inf' file to that folder. When prompted to overwrite the existing inf select 'yes'

3)Run setup.

This should help; if not then we'll need to go down a different track

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hmm sure... im using forceware 169.04 because is the only one driver where i can overclock my vga without flashing the bios


im using vista ultimate 32bits

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Does the same problem occur when you do not overclock the graphics card?

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Virus?? This problem looks curable but it will involve formatting your system. Try it and see.

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