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Improve 8600m gs Windows performance


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I have an Asus V2S B-1

2.4 processor

2gb RAm

200 GB 7200 hd

8600m GS 256

My windows score is 3.4

Everything is scoring above 5, except my video card...

Is there a driver that will crank that score up?



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overclocking should help up the score a little but dont expect anything drastic...

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there is a big problem,regarding play Counter-Strike on line gaming, but the running character /rule running is very slow..it seems that Nvidia 8600M GS Garphic performance is not good & smoothly.Actually I'm not sure what's problem & how to solve it to improve playing game smoothly. If there is update driver solution available to improve 8600MGS VGA! on the other hand, I had tried to overclock by RivaTuner utility, but it still not useful & working.>"<

My Laptop product is XP OS , not Vista...OS name Microsoft Windows XP Professional edition , with 2GB ram ..

if there is any link address , that great to me & so appreciate!


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your 8600 can run cs on full without a hitch so it is not a hardware problem. This is a driver problem that is only going to go away by changing your driver. Good luck!

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who can help for me, let me know or release link address to me. which version driver solution is useful to my Nvidia 8600M GS.

Thanks much!

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located here


remember to download driver AND the modified inf file. Read the FAQ if you are unsure how to install using the modified inf file.

I downloaded and installed...

My score went from 3.4 to 3.5.

What can I do to get this score higher?

I must have tried 10 different drivers.

Thanks for everyone's response and help...

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hmmm would have though .3 points for sure. umm try 174.74 its older, but may have better shader 2.0 support. also, you may want to overclock.

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You can edit to to read 9.9 or whatever damn number you want. But thats not gonna change performance. = /

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WEI scores are not exactly the best benchmark. So different users will sometimes get different results with similar hardware. Usually its nothing to worry about.

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