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Toshiba p100 354 Looking for old Bios v4.00

Guest Waldschrat

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Guest Waldschrat

Hi i got the problem that i flashed my bios to v4.30. Now my gpu fan doesnt work properly. I read in toshiba forum that this is a bios problem and i have to downgrade to older bios. Now im looking for someone who can send me this older version.

Thx for help so far

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There's a download to the latest 4.40 version. In order to get any older BIOS version just modify the given download link ( http://cdgenp01.csd.toshiba.com/content/su...s/sp100v440.exe ). As you are looking for v4.00 ist would be http://cdgenp01.csd.toshiba.com/content/su...s/sp100v400.exe

This is from the US site. And it's valid for all P10x models:

P100-ST7111, P100-ST7211, P100-ST9212, P100-ST9612, P100-ST9412, P100-ST1071, P100-ST9732, P100-ST1072, P100-ST9762, P100-ST9772, P100-ST9752, P100-ST9742, P100-ST9712, P100-ST9012, P105-S921, P105-S9312, P105-S6074, P105-S6034, P105-S6124, P105-S6114, P105-S6104, P105-S6102, P105-S9722, P105-S6062, P105-S6022, P105-S6084, P105-S6064, P105-S9339, P105-S9337, P105-S6227, P105-S6217, P105-S6158, P105-S6148, P105-S6207, P105-S6197, P105-S6187, P105-S6177, P105-S6167, P105-S6157, P105-S6147, P105-S6134, P105-S6024, P105-S6054, P105-S6014, P105-S6004, P105-S6012, P105-S6002, P105-S931

You seem to have german model though. Usually the versions and changelogs are the same. I would doublecheck on the EURO or German Toshiba Support anyways as flashing the wrong BIOS is not recommended :)

EDIT: editing the link doesn't work :)

EDIT2: http://cdgenp01.csd.toshiba.com/content/su...ds/sp100v40.exe works. they forgot the 0

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Guest Waldschrat

The downgrade worked fine but it doesnt change anything on my gpu fan :)

I really hate this machine. Now im looking to sell it ...

Thanks again for your help

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