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Reading .3dr files from 3dmark06


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Hello all,

Sorry for the (probably) stupid question but I have ran 3dmark06, saved the result in a .3dr file and now I'd like to read it...

I've opened 3dmark06 but of course I didn't find a wayy to read the file, is there something special to do ?

Thanks for the help

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Google it next time please.


A gamers benchmark program for testing a PC. The .3DR file is opened by the program only. 3DR files need both MS Excel and IE 6 to be installed. View the 3DMark03 result files in MS Excel or submit them and view them in the ORB. The 3DR file is a zip file containing the 3DMark results in XML documents.

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Ah thanks for the help.

One can only wonder why the futuremark people didn't think about it, it seems wuite stupid to be able to read the results in the program only once....

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That article is not entirely correct. Try renaming the .3dr file to .zip...

Awesome, thanks! And to the guy above, I DID google it, thank you very much, and found this page. No need for the harshness.

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