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I installed a driver, and it was going swell for a couple of days. After that i get a mess of different colors filling my screen after 5 minutes of logging in. T_T

So I backed up my files to my other drive, did a factory back up and NO FIX. D:

I still get purple/green/black screens of garbage. So I fixed it by updating the nvddmklm.sys file (forgot what its called x.x) manually and fixed the crashing. But now my windows aero theme wont work, my games wont start up, and windows movie make says I dont meet the system requirements to run it when it ran before all this. T_T I believe it has something to do with my vid card >.> lol

Any suggestions?? Before i lose my sanity :) :)

Oh ya i forgot to add that i rated it when i fixed the crashing, and my video rating was 1.0 x.x used to be like 4.3


Started crashing again. -_-

System Specs:

Vista OS

1.6 Dual Core

2 gigs RAM

8600M GS card

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ohh.... but its been working great for weeks until a week ago when it started to happen.

is it rlly that?

This guy has the same problems as i do :)


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yeah it does sound like a hardware issue...

After your get the GPU replaced, (only if the problem presists) check to see exactly what files you install back on your syste. Install your apps back on. do a restore point. then if it keeps running well, then add additional files. could be some software infection.

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