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HP lists 24 notebooks with messed up Nvidia graphics


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Found this over here just to add to nVidia's woes :)

Knew about the issue since November

As expected, other vendors are following Dell's lead and finally acknowledging that Nvidia's mobile GPUs used in their machines are defective.

Today, it was HP's turn, the company listed a total 24 models from its Pavilion and Presario series which are potentially at risk. Like Dell, HP is also offering a software fix for the issue, which sounds like putting a band-aid on a gunshot wound. If the chip's packaging is faulty, it's unlikely a new BIOS will ever make things right. We suspect that A bios fix will slow THE chip down and prevent it from overheating.

The symptoms are wide ranging, anything from not booting to no video on the LCD or output on VGA. You can find the complete list of affected models, as well as warranty terms, here.

Laptops affected:


Full documentation on what to do can be found here

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This doesn't effect HP Pavillion dv27xx series right?

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nope dv27xxx is immune.

Thank God my dv9500t is immune too!

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Most of these have Athlon/Turion X2 CPUs.

I personally have a V6305NR and I have experienced some overheating at times, but it's mostly due to the fan unit not operating as frequently as it should. I have the same core/clock frequency of 425mhz as I did with the previous BIOS F.3D as I do now with F.3F though I have noticed the fan unit does operate more often to cool down the system ahead of time.

Overall the problem wasn't really Nvidia's fault. It's mostly the woes of the manufacturers of these system for not providing adequate cooling and programing their BIOS ROMs correctly to run the systems.

Kudos though to HP/Compaq for actually trying to fix things though.

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Most of these are targeting systems with IGP style GPUs rather than MXM and PCIe-M products.

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