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6600 OC problem solved

Guest RangerJoe

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Guest RangerJoe

I've been having trouble getting the nVidia overclocking control panel to show up on my Asus z71v (geforce go 6600) running XP home.

I tried NVTweak, NVTray, a coolbits registry update and manually editing the registry. It works like a charm on 81.40 drivers, but I wanted to use drivers that weren't three years old. All tricks failed on 171.37, 175.19, 177.79, and 177.83 drivers.

I tried 167.58 (mobile drivers), and the coolbits trick finally worked, sort of. I had to set the value of the coolbits registry key to 0x00000003 rather than 0xffffffff. the INFs you get from here set coolbits to 0xffffffff.

the overclocking option finally showed up in the nvidia control panel, but when I clicked on it it told me the option was moved to performance and I had to install ntune to access performance features. I installed ntune and I now have access to overclocking and a few other tuning and stability testing tools.

I've seen other people with the same problem where they can't get the overclocking features to show up on newer drivers. The nVidia control panel changed somewhere in the 90 series drivers and I think that may be the root of the problem. try installing ntune and see if it unlocks overclocking with 90 series and above drivers. I think you probably wont see much improvement for the 6600 beyond the 90 series drivers, but let everyone know if you have succes with more recent versions anyway.

Hope this helps someone

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