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Nvidia 7000M / nForce 610m WinXP Problem


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Hi everybody! I have some problems with my new laptop's graphic card, playing some old games (I didnt play new games, its my first install).

The problem is that: when I downgraded from Windows Vista (which I had some crashes and a lot of errors) to WinXP SP3, I donwloaded some drivers for my video card, exactly the version 174.10, first the original and then, having no results, the tweaked version of NBF Mobile Force.

When I try to use Star Wars Kotor I and II (I played II in Vista with no problems), the game becames more and more slow, so I have to play in a very low resolution, having only a few but very annoying crashes. I think my card is not the problems, because game recommeds around 128 Mb graphic card and the system says I have 512, so its stupid I have that problems with my game.

I installed all Windows and KOTOR updates and nothing, and Nvidia webpage says I have to download the new drivers from Packard -bell's page, which has only drivers for Vista.

What can I do? Is my driver the problem? or I have another one?

Thanks for all!

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try this one


you need to download the driver, and also the 'modified inf' file that is next to it. when you extract the driver to a folder, you need to copy the 'modified inf' file to that same folder. You will need to select yes when asked if you want to overwrite the existing file.

then run setup.

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