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Dox's Enhanced INF Update


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Driver INF Re-released in new package

Just an update to say I've re-released the drivers with a brand new inf version that I've been working on.

They have all been uploaded to the new FTP server set up by pieter (thanks pieter!).

Instead of downloading the inf from an attachment they all now found in a 7zip file in that FTP server.

In it you will find a new inf version 2.5.1 for both XP and Vista x86 as well as:

documentation notes

changes made to the inf

and the "old" intitial inf released with the driver (if you want to have a nose and see the difference :) )

You still need to download the actual driver files from within the main server.

Vista x64 Open Beta

I'm still working on Vista x64 the first release had BSOD on reboot (for driver 177.89),

I've spent the past days working with a tester kingblah and have now also released an open beta with all the fixes made for driver 177.89.

Hopefully its A-OK since I've found lots of errors in the last inf version.

I won't be re-releasing the inf for driver 177.83 since users reported BSOD on pieter's as well as my inf.

Please report any problems


Issue fixed :)

New INF for driver 177.89


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