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Age Of Conan and GeForce 7950 GTX go

Guest Akhalani

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Guest Akhalani

Hi all, i'm getting a weird problem concernaing AoC. When it came out i just stopped playing it because of the too many problems it had. But now after getting a email from Funcom i decided to play again.

1srt of all my computer : Dell XPS M1710, 4 Gigas of Ram, Core 2 Duo T7600 (2.33), Geforce 7950GTX.

I've done a format and a clean Install of win XP sp3 with all the latest drivers including the 177.79 from this site.

The game runs pretty good regarding the machine i have, almost always 30 to 80 fps outside and from 15 to 40 in big cities.

My problem : Everytime i walk next to another player i get kind of "mini freezes" and this only happens if he get too close to me (5/6 meters). I noticed yesterday that the problem was the texture loading time that kills the fps for 2/3 seconds till eveything gets into memory. Weird thing is how can this be possible when im getting 80 fps outside and nothing around....and i mean textures from just one caracter is almost ridiculous comparing to the huge graphics that are around my caracter. I have the drawing distance almost maxed out and textures to maximum (i hace tried the lowest settings and i get the same mini freezes)

Is there anything i can do or shoud i just wait for Funcom to do something.

ps: Dont tell me to buy a new computer cause it will be done soon :) !

Thanks all for reading and awaiting for any advice !

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Does this stop for a while, then happen again?

Could be the hard drive head. when the hard drive is not in use, the head comes off the HDD, which takes a couple of seconds to reinitialise. But, if this is the case, then it should only happen every half hour-ish or so.

check to see what your settings are in power saving mode. the hard drive 'spin down' may effect this.

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